Books on Spain: Let the experiment begin!

Welcome! Bienvenid@s! Benvid@s! Benvinguts! Ongi etorriak!

About the site: This site is an experiment. I’ve been looking for what seems like forever for a site that rounds up news about books from and about Spain. My wish list: a regularly-updated, wide-ranging and knowledgeable round-up of up-to-the-minute info about books and authors, translations, reviews and analysis, taking in any or all of Spain’s co-official languages, as well as in English. Links and re-postings would be wonderful, original analysis even better. You can probably see already where this is going … if I can’t find a site that does everything I want it to, why not make it myself?

The jury’s still out on how often the site will be updated, but I hope to be able to add new content at least once a week. I’ll scout out links and reposts, and add my own content whenever I can. I welcome suggestions for links, new books and translations, and events related to literary, academic or popular books from or about Spain – including the Basque Country, Catalonia, Galicia, and Spain’s other regions and communities.

About me: I’m a writer, researcher and academic at the University of Liverpool, UK. I specialise in Spanish and Galician cultural history and literature from the 19th century to now, but my heart lies in the fin de siglo, and especially the first decade of the 20th century, which as I’m very fond of telling people, is a crucial period in the formation of modern European identities. I’m fascinated by the networks of people, books and ideas emerging out of contact between Spain and other cultures since the 19th century, and I have a fairly expensive obsession with early 20th-century English novels and travel writing on Spain, largely enabled by AbeBooks (see the banner photo at the top of the page for a glimpse of some recent acquisitions!).

I’ve published and edited several academic books and lots of scholarly articles. My first single-authored book was about the Galician poet, novelist and journalist Sofia Casanova (1861-1958) who married a Polish philosopher and spent 70 years travelling between Spain and Eastern Europe. I’m just putting the finishing touches to my second book, which looks at contemporary Galician writing emerging from contact with the English-speaking world (there are a surprising number of novels about Galician migrants in London!).

My next project, which I’m pretty excited about, will explore the explosion in English-language writing about Spain in the first decade of the 20th century, driven by cheap holiday tours, the Spanish Royal Wedding of 1906, and the establishment of Spanish as a university discipline in the UK and US. You can read a little bit about it here (in English) and here or here (in Spanish ).


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