Manuel Rivas’s new novel «Todo é silencio» will be out next autumn | Xerais

Exciting news from Galicia – Manuel Rivas has announced that his latest novel, Todo é silencio (All is Silence), will be published in the Autumn by Xerais. Below the cut, you’ll find the blurb, followed by my (rather functional) translation:

Manuel Rivas

Via Manuel Rivas anuncia a publicación da novela «Todo é silencio» no vindeiro outono | Xerais

Todo é silencio narra o irresistíbel ascenso social de Mariscal, un capo contrabandista, e das almas que habitan Brétema, o universo que domina ao seu antollo. En Brétema, na costa atlántica, houbo un tempo en que as redes do contrabando, reconvertidas ao narcotráfico, acadaron tanto poder que estiveron moi preto de controlar o poder social e as institucións. Todo é silencio narra tamén a vida dun grupo de amigos, aos que une dende a infancia o andar á crebas, á procura de restos de naufraxios, no escenario sempre sorprendente do mar de Galicia. Ese mar que fala cos signos que deita na beira. Dende moi pronto, o destino da xente nova estará determinado pola sombra odiosa e engaiolante a un tempo do omnipresente Mariscal. Unha novela, Todo é silencio, que relata como os círculos do crime rodean e corrompen, non sempre con éxito, o extraño feitizo da condición humana.

All is Silence narrates the irresistible rise of Mariscal, a smuggler and gangster, and the people of Bretema, the universe he dominates at will. In Bretema, on Galicia’s Atlantic coast, the smuggling networks, reinvented for drug trafficking, were once so powerful that they were very close to enjoying complete social and institutional control. All is Silence tells, too, of the lives of a group of friends, who have rockpooled together since childhood, in search of debris from shipwrecks, in the always surprising setting of the Galician sea. The sea that speaks through the signs it leaves on the shore. From their earliest years, the fate of the town’s youth will be determined by the odious yet mesmerising shadow of the omnipresent Mariscal. All is Silence tells how criminal circles surround and corrupt, not always succesfully, the strange enchantment of the human condition.


  1. Hi Kirsty! Good to find your blog. I am interested in Galician literature and also have a weakness for Abe books.

    I’ll keep an eye on what you write here and see if I can get a hold of your book Writing Spain when I come back to England.

    At the moment I am investigating the school of poets that came out of Mondoñedo starting with Leiras Pulpeiro, then Noriega Varela and Álvaro Cunqueiro.

    1. Jason, welcome! Your comment popped up just as I was posting. Lovely to hear from another Abe addict! I’m looking forward to reading your translations – I don’t know very much about the Mondoñedo poets, although I did enjoy visiting the Rei das Tartas when I was last in Mondoñedo many moons ago …

  2. […] Up to this point, I’m entirely with Winston Manrique Sabogal; he then goes on to give his list of 40 suggested gift books for this Christmas, of which I am proud to say that thus far, I have read one (Colm Tóibín’s Brooklyn  [tr. Ana Andrés Lleó, tho' I read the English version]), am currently immersed in another (Vargas Llosa’s El sueño del celta), have another in my suitcase to read during my current trip (Eduardo Mendoza’s Riña de gatos) and have concrete plans to acquire a fourth before I leave my current residence in Vigo (Manuel Rivas’s Todo é silencio). […]

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