Discovered: an uncensored copy of Quevedo’s Suenos, from 1621

Admittedly, this post is slightly outside the official scope of this blog, but having reminisced about my undergraduate studies in the previous post, I couldn’t pass up this news about one of my favourite books from back then:

La Vanguardia reports that an uncensored copy of the satirical, sometimes very funny (but often downright weird) Sueños by Francisco de Quevedo, discovered a year ago, has just been verified as dating from between 1613 and 1621, at least six years before the published edition of 1627. Among other modifications, the new discovery reveals how some of the more explicit parts were toned down for the published version, including the ‘amantes de monjas’ ‘lovers of nuns’ who were turned into ‘enamorados de doncellas’ ‘lovers of young ladies,’ and the replacement of ‘traseras’ (back / rear-mounted) by ‘asentaderas’ (settled, sat), to tone down an explicit reference to homosexuality. The discovery was announced yesterday by José Luis Rivas, President of the Fundación Francisco de Quevedo, and the scholarly research was presented by Professor Diana Eguía of Madrid’s Autonomous University.

Read the full story (in Spanish) here: Descubierta una copia sin censurar de ‘Los Sueños’ de Quevedo.


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