New Spanish Books for Autumn 2010 (in which the book I gave a thumbs-down to does not appear)

How do publishers decide which of the hundreds of thousands of available foreign language books to translate and publish? The  Spanish Publishers’ Association (FGEE) – the people who provide all the wonderful information that underpins my research on Spanish bestsellers –  have a solution to help UK publishers find Spanish books to translate and publish. Twice a year, they get together with the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade and the Spanish Embassy in London, a specialist panel, and a team of expert readers, to produce a selection of New Spanish Books, to help UK publishers with just such a difficult decision. This summer, I collaborated with them for the first time as an expert reader, on the Autumn-Winter 2010 selection, which has just been released. Confession: the book I reviewed doesn’t appear in the final selection. It was a novel that had a lot going for it most of the way through, until it fell apart in the final act, which was a big disappointment. On the other hand, it’s brilliant to see a Galician book in the selection – Antón Riveiro Coello‘s As rulas de Bakunin (Bakunin’s Children), an historical novel about the Spanish civil war, which according to the website is already in its fifth Galician-language edition. Altogether, the panel selected eleven new books – check them out here. I haven’t read any of these books yet, but Kirmen Uribe’s Bilbao-New York-Bilbao has just worked its way to the top of my reading list, so look out for a review here soon!



  1. bythefirelight · · Reply

    Interesting list of books. I haven’t heard of too many of them. The rulas de Bakunin sounds interesting. As much as I like Neruda, though, it seems a little unimaginative to suggest that he be published (I don’t know if that book is unpublished, so I would probably temper my comments if I knew that).

    Great site, by the way.

    1. Thanks – and thanks for stopping by! I was excited to find your site too.

      I’m intrigued about how the longlist was selected, and especially the appearance of a single Galician book. I’d love to have a sense of the criteria that shaped the initial decisions. On the Neruda – I think it’s because they’re marketing it as a children’s book, with illustrations. Neruda for children! What a great idea.

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