Blog roundup: New discoveries

When I began this blog, it was because I just couldn’t find any blogs that had just the kind of mix I wanted of info on books from and about Spain. Happily, as I’m discovering in my wanderings around the blogosphere, this doesn’t mean there aren’t some excellent blogs out there about Spanish and, more broadly, Hispanic books and culture. I like to share, so here are just a very few; some are favourites, others are recent discoveries:

  • By the Firelight, which covers ‘Books, writing and an occasional movie,’ mostly, but not only, related to Hispanic literature. I especially liked this recent review of El juego de los golondrinas (The Swallows’ Game), a graphic novel by the young Lebanese author Zena Abichared, which makes the excellent point that because of the relative profile of translations in the Spanish literary system, Spanish readers often have access to exciting books that remain out of reach to Anglophone readers.
  • The Granta blog. Back as of this week, they say, for ‘weekly posts from inside the literary world and notes on what we’re reading.’ The first post covers some of the things we’ve been looking at here on Books on Spain over the last few weeks, including New Spanish Books, the Granta Best of Young Spanish-Language Novelists, and the Harvill-Secker Young Translators’ Prize.
  • SPLALit. ‘Reviews and news about spanish and portuguese writing authors, ibero-american cinema and arts.’ This is a welcome recent discovery for me; it ranges widely, although perhaps with slightly more weight on the Latin-American side of things. Has an excellent set of links in a variety of languages on Vargas Llosa’s receipt of the Nobel Prize last week.
  • Brétemas [in Galician]. ‘Notas do traballo da edición’ (Notes from the publishing world). Manuel Bragado, the head of the Galician publishing house Xerais, blogs all the news from the Galician publishing world (or at least that part of it connected with Xerais…). Lots of great links and multimedia content.
  • The SJBlog looks at Spanish popular culture, film and books, from a quirky academic perspective (and is Professor to the Stars to boot!!!)

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