Happy thoughts for a lively and literary 2011!

Feliz aninovo, Feliz año nuevo, Bon any nou, Urte berri on, Feliz añu nuevu and Happy New Year to all of you!

This blog has been going now for five whole months and has been more fun to research and write, and reached more readers, than I could ever have imagined when I started it back in July. Thank you to everybody who’s stopped by either to read or comment, and here’s to a lively and literary 2011!

Inspired by Paul over at By the Firelight, I’ve been reflecting on my literary resolutions for 2011. I wasn’t here in 2010, but if I’d had a resolution for the last year, it would have been to branch out a bit in terms of the authors I read, to include writers ‘que no sean mujeres y que no sean gallegos’ (who are neither women or Galician) as a dear Spanish friend suggested – and I think I’ve done quite well with the non-female, non-Galician side of things, viz my valiant return to the world of Vargas Llosa earlier this month. For 2011, then, I resolve:

1. To read whenever and wherever I can

2. To make sure at least one in three of my choices is outside or at least somewhere near the edge of my comfort zone (mujeres, gallegos, históricos, you know the sort of thing…)

3. To celebrate reading, especially of Spain’s wonderful, multiple literatures, with as many friends, and to as many audiences as possible

What are your literary resolutions?


One comment

  1. As a recent convert to blogging and given that my blog has a literary bent (although not quite as academic as yours), my literary resolutions are:

    1. To read more so that my blog has a healthy influx of new reviews

    2. To maintain my blog posting throughout 2011

    3. To find at least one great mystery novel that I currently have never even heard of.

    Oh, and 4. Get over 30 hits in a single day. That would be nice 🙂

    Happy New Year

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