Via Granta Online | Xiuxiuejava, She whispered | Rowan Ricardo Phillips on translating from Catalan

Granta Online has a wonderful interview with the poet and translator Rowan Ricardo Phllips, on translating from Catalan. Here’s a taster, follow the link for the rest:

This naked joy gained from the simultaneity betwixt and between two languages is the translator’s great pleasure and also, eventually, the translator’s great and inevitable loss. With Catalan I feel that loss rather sharply as the English version further comes into focus, options discarded, everything soon ossifying into the final draft and subsequent published translation. This is in part due to Catalan’s diaphanous literary status and our sad tendency to settle for the illusion of a single-tongued Spain: a mirage of a house with Castilian spackling its holes like sores. The result has been a very visitable but not entirely visible Spain.

via Xiuxiuejava, She whispered | Online Only | Granta Magazine.

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