An excuse, a tip, and a promise, or, head-first into the new semester and why I have been reading but not writing

This minipost is by way of an excuse, a tip, and a promise. First the excuse. Our new semester started this week, albeit with the old one still hanging around like a gentle whiff, in the shape of marking, moderation and mitigating circumstances. Last semester finished with a major exam on Friday afternoon, and the new one began with a bang on Monday morning as 80+ exam scripts were distributed for marking. On the plus side (and this is the tip!), it’s always enjoyable to read student commentaries on Gustavo Pérez-Firmat‘s Bilingual Blues, which I recommend to everybody with even a smattering of Spanish, whether you usually read poetry or not. Now for the promise – I have reviews pending on Giles Tremlett’s Katherine of Aragon, my new Hispanic Liverpool discovery Arthur Behrend’s The House of the Spaniard, Elena Moya Pereira’s The Olive Groves of Belchite, and Robert Pagani’s The Princess, the King, and the Anarchist (in Helen Marx’s translation), which I discovered through a stinker of a review over at Three Per Cent (which, incidentally, gives away pretty much the whole plot), and about which I have plenty to say, not all of it terrible. Plus the books I mentioned in my previous ‘OMG it’s so unfair I actually have to do work’ post. So there it is – an excuse, a tip, and a promise. Watch this space for the reviews. Just as soon as the marking is done …

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