Gopegui in English at last – review roundup!

Photo provided by Wikipedia Commons

I’m still here! Just been reading some great reviews of Belén Gopegui’s first novel, from 1993: La escala de los mapas / The Scale of Maps, in its new English translation by Mark  Schafer, published by City Lights (I was at college with a Mark Schafer; I wonder if it’s the same one? He was studying Japanese back then…). Here’s Janet Potter’s take on it, and here’s Christopher Merkel’s, both at Bookslut – Potter reads it alongside Max Frisch, and Merkel reads it alongside Merce Rodoreda. Mythili G Rao writes on it too, over at Words Without Borders, comparing it with Nabokov and Borges, something which is picked up over at at By the Firelight.

I’ve never read any Gopegui myself, because she’s somewhat idiosyncratic, a committed Communist, extremely politically literate, and since I’m … um … none of those things, I’ve always been a bit afraid I won’t quite get her. These reviews, though, have convinced me to give it a go – although a bit of Googling has turned up that this Mark Schafer is definitely *not* the one who made fabulous sushi and let me watch Polish tv via his satellite back in the day!



  1. Hello Kirsty,

    I am a fan of Gopegui’s literature, and of his views on literature. Interestinly, I have just written a review about a Galician book, ‘A perspectiva desde a porta’, where I quote Gopegui.

    The review is for a Catalan magazine, but I reckon you’ll be able to understand it:

    Congrats for your blog!!

    Guillem Colom

    1. Hi Guillem, and thanks for stopping by! Thanks also for the link to the review – I’m looking forward to reading it! Incidentally, did you see that Gopegui is a keynote at this conference later this year?

  2. Hi Kirsty,

    I didn’t know, but as fas as I see, she usually goes to conferences in the states. I hope some day she’ll visit the UK…

    See you!!

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