Obituary: Sir Albert Sloman (1921-2012), Liverpool Hispanist and Higher Education Visionary

I was sad today to hear of the death of a former member of the Hispanic Studies department here at Liverpool, Sir Albert Sloman (1921-2012).

Sir Albert was a precocious and visionary Hispanist who during his tenure as Gilmour Chair of Spanish (1953-62) transformed the department’s longstanding journal, the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, into one of the profession’s journals of record.  A Golden Age specialist who worked above all on the 17th-century dramatist Calderón de la Barca, he was appointed to the University of Liverpool’s Gilmour Chair at just 32, after six years as Reader and Head of Hispanic Studies at Trinity College, Dublin. He stayed just nine years, before he was snapped up by the University of Essex, where he became inaugural Vice Chancellor and is now probably best known to Essex students as the dedicatee of the University Library.

Read my full obituary of Sir Albert over at the CLAS department blog.

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