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Esther Tusquets (1936-2012): Ground-breaking Catalan/Spanish Writer and Publisher

I have just seen the very sad news that the ground-breaking writer and publisher Esther Tusquets has died in Barcelona at the age of 75. Tusquets was born a month after the start of the Spanish Civil War, and her earliest memories, as recounted in her first volume of autobiography Habíamos ganado la guerra (We had won […]

Holiday Reading (1): La Catedral del Mar = the Spanish Pillars of the Earth (sort of)

So as you know, I’m interested in bestsellers, especially (but not only) in their Spanish incarnation. In fact, I have a whole blog category about them. But the problem with bestsellers is that they tend to be really, really long and, as last spring’s reading marathon showed, they seem to be getting longer all the time. What […]

Review | The Olive Groves of Belchite | Elena Moya Pereira

 How are the reverberations of an event like the Spanish Civil War transformed as they travel down through the generations? How do they echo through people’s choices, actions, lives and loves, and what happens to those echoes when the walls they are bouncing off are far, far away from those that hold the first-hand memories? These […]

And a followup, or, stop moaning, start shouting: 10 contemporary Spanish women writers to watch

And so, to follow up on the previous post and take up Vida’s challenge to do something about the fact that ‘the numbers of articles and reviews simply don’t reflect how many women are actually writing‘, here are my suggestions for 10 contemporary Spanish women fiction writers to watch. I’m not claiming they’re the ‘best’ […]

Via Granta Online | Xiuxiuejava, She whispered | Rowan Ricardo Phillips on translating from Catalan

Granta Online has a wonderful interview with the poet and translator Rowan Ricardo Phllips, on translating from Catalan. Here’s a taster, follow the link for the rest: This naked joy gained from the simultaneity betwixt and between two languages is the translator’s great pleasure and also, eventually, the translator’s great and inevitable loss. With Catalan […]

Of airports, airport bookshops, and libros de oro (yes, I’m in Spain!)

Stuart was right – Ken Follett is huge in Spain, or, more specifically, Pillars of the Earth and the long-awaited sequel World Without End are monster!!! Since it was Barcelona airport I was passing through this morning on my travels, I was intrigued to see Los pilares de la tierra and Mundo sin fin in the airport […]

On professional commitment, or, Ken Follett, Ildefonso Falcones, and an example of true dedication to the cause

There is a fine line between professional commitment and obsession and I think I might be about 150 pages into crossing it. As part of Project Bestseller, I’m trying to read as many of the bestselling Spanish novels of the last decade as I can.  The two currently at the top of my reading list are closely related; […]

European novellas: short cut to nowhere? | Richard Lea | Books |

Brilliant to see a new, small independent press that publishes translations from smaller literatures getting its props in the national press: Peirene seem to have hit its stride with Maria Barbal’s Catalan classic, Stone in a Landslide. Not that this story of life in the Pyrenees at the beginning of the 20th century is a […]