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Un coup de foudre littéraire, or, My First Week With the Kindle

So I’m going to be travelling a lot over the next four months – three or four work trips to Spain and two to the US. And as you know, I love to read. I have a long history of schlepping piles of books across international borders (you have to take a lot because you […]

Today in Spanish Poetry…

Today’s date is one of beginnings and endings in Spanish poetry: The Spanish poet Íñigo López de Mendoza, the Marqués de Santillana, was born on this day in 1388 or 1398, which makes him either 612 or 622 today (happy birthday, sir!).  Santillana was one of the first Spanish poets to try out the new sonnet form and […]

Down the Rabbit Hole of the Hemeroteca Digital | Biblioteca Nacional de España (BNE)

For an early 20th-century print obsessive like me, the Hemeroteca Digital, or Digital Periodicals Library of Spain’s Biblioteca Nacional is the perfect place to noodle away a whole day (and sometimes part of the night). I’ll be writing more about some of my favourite findings in future posts, including Rachel Challice and her disappearing hat or Rosa Chacel […]