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On criticism, generosity and gratitude: the travels of “Writing Galicia into the World”

Those of you with long memories may remember that nearly two years ago I published my second academic book, Writing Galicia into the World: New Cartographies, New Poetics, with Liverpool University Press (you can read about it here on the LUP website). The book explores the writings of and about Galicians in London and the wider world, by authors […]

Mapblogging, or, on the trail of Edwardian lady travellers in Coruña

So I’m in A Coruña for work, I have a free weekend, and I had this great idea: to figure out what the Edwardian lady travellers I’m currently researching saw while they were here in 1908 (Annette Meakin) and 1910 (Catherine Gasquoine Hartley), and to figure out how many of those things are still recognisable today. […]

Cookbook Review! Or, garlic, the beaten track, and a tiny little moan about the monolingualism of Rick Stein’s otherwise rather fabulous SPAIN

Is it really still possible to present oneself as an expert on Spain – especially Spain ‘off the beaten track’ – without at least mentioning the country’s multicultural, multilingual reality? If you’ve been watching TV or reading the UK press in the last few weeks, you can’t have missed the news of TV chef Rick Stein’s new venture, […]

Guest Blog! Mr Books-on-Spain on Domingo Villar’s Water-blue Eyes (Ojos de agua)

Today, for your delectation and delight, we have a guest blog from Mr Books-on-Spain, who normally writes over at In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel. I haven’t read this one yet myself, but when I do, I’ll post an update from my decidedly non-mystery-fan perspective. Over to you, Mr Books-on-Spain:   I promised myself […]

Shameless self-promotion #1 | Advance edition

Writing Galicia into the World: New Cartographies, New Poetics by Kirsty Hooper | Liverpool University Press price: £ 65.00 | ISBN 9781846316678 Synopsis This book explores a part of Europe’s cultural and social landscape that has until now remained largely unmapped: the exciting body of creative work emerging since the 1970s from contact between the […]

Bodice-rippers for boys? and a geographical review of ‘Sharpe’s Rifles’ by Bernard Cornwell

Here’s a question: is military-historical fiction the masculine equivalent of the bodice ripper? Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m an enthusiastic reader of decent and sometimes not-so-decent historical fiction,  but a look back over the novels I’ve read recently in Spanish and English suggests an overwhelming bias towards female-authored stories of women’s lives (confession: I am 100 pages […]

Turn-of-the-century tourism in Galicia, a lady entrepreneur (entrepreneuse?) and my most expensive book ever

I’ve already confessed my rather expensive obsession with early 20th-century English-language writing on Spain. This summer, one of my projects was to track down a particular, very obscure book by one of the writers I’m researching for my new project. I knew from a scattered range of sources that early in the 20th century, the scholar and […]

Manuel Rivas’s new novel «Todo é silencio» will be out next autumn | Xerais

Exciting news from Galicia – Manuel Rivas has announced that his latest novel, Todo é silencio (All is Silence), will be published in the Autumn by Xerais. Below the cut, you’ll find the blurb, followed by my (rather functional) translation: Via Manuel Rivas anuncia a publicación da novela «Todo é silencio» no vindeiro outono | Xerais