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Some Postcards, a Royal Wedding (no, not that one), and a Review

Wherever you are in the world, especially if you’re in an English-speaking country or Northern Europe, the great excitement over the upcoming British Royal Wedding probably won’t have escaped you. Prince William and Kate Middleton will be tying the knot in Westminster Abbey this Friday, 29th April, and the nation is rejoicing (largely, it must be […]

Review | The Olive Groves of Belchite | Elena Moya Pereira

 How are the reverberations of an event like the Spanish Civil War transformed as they travel down through the generations? How do they echo through people’s choices, actions, lives and loves, and what happens to those echoes when the walls they are bouncing off are far, far away from those that hold the first-hand memories? These […]

Gopegui in English at last – review roundup!

I’m still here! Just been reading some great reviews of Belén Gopegui’s first novel, from 1993: La escala de los mapas / The Scale of Maps, in its new English translation by Mark  Schafer, published by City Lights (I was at college with a Mark Schafer; I wonder if it’s the same one? He was studying […]

Guest Blog! Mr Books-on-Spain on Domingo Villar’s Water-blue Eyes (Ojos de agua)

Today, for your delectation and delight, we have a guest blog from Mr Books-on-Spain, who normally writes over at In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel. I haven’t read this one yet myself, but when I do, I’ll post an update from my decidedly non-mystery-fan perspective. Over to you, Mr Books-on-Spain:   I promised myself […]

2011 Best Translated Book Awards Longlist (and yet another tiny little rant)

The folks over at Three Percent, the fabulous resource for international literature based at the University of Rochester in the US, have just released the longlist for the 2011 Best Translated Book Awards. There are 25 books, from 19 countries, written in 12 languages, and I’me excited to see several Spanish-language authors included (translator name […]

Via Granta Online | Xiuxiuejava, She whispered | Rowan Ricardo Phillips on translating from Catalan

Granta Online has a wonderful interview with the poet and translator Rowan Ricardo Phllips, on translating from Catalan. Here’s a taster, follow the link for the rest: This naked joy gained from the simultaneity betwixt and between two languages is the translator’s great pleasure and also, eventually, the translator’s great and inevitable loss. With Catalan […]

El Pais-Babelia’s top ten books of 2010 (a list, some links, and a minor rant)

It’s that time of year again – authors, critics, and (occasionally!) academics are asked to come up with their nominations for the year’s top books, according to various usually not terribly well-defined criteria. Pretty much every newspaper, magazine and cultural journal is in on the game, and Papeles Perdidos, the blog of the El Pais […]

Recent acquisitions, or, Isabel de Palencia and the magic that is AbeBooks

I may have mentioned once or twice that I have a slight addiction to early 20th-century books on Spain, which has, on occasion, proved fairly expensive. Happily, however, the gems one turns up in a half hour’s browsing on AbeBooks or Antiqbooks are often as likely to cost in the £1s or £10s as in the […]

New Spanish Books for Autumn 2010 (in which the book I gave a thumbs-down to does not appear)

How do publishers decide which of the hundreds of thousands of available foreign language books to translate and publish? The  Spanish Publishers’ Association (FGEE) – the people who provide all the wonderful information that underpins my research on Spanish bestsellers –  have a solution to help UK publishers find Spanish books to translate and publish. Twice a […]

Why I need to read something other than Twilight: Spain’s bestselling books for July

A few weeks back I wrote about the summer reading lists published by pretty much every newspaper under the sun (and speaking of which … does The Sun publish one?). Here’s another piece of the puzzle – the Spanish literary magazine Qué Leer (What to Read)  published Spain’s bestselling books for the month of July, a list […]

Project Bestseller #1

What are people really reading in Spain? Last year, while I was researching an article on taste and the bestseller in the Galician publishing industry, I spent a lot of time digging around in the various reports about Spanish reading habits on the website of the Spanish Publishers’ Guild (Federación de Gremios de Editores de España, or FGEE). The […]

Today in Spanish Poetry…

Today’s date is one of beginnings and endings in Spanish poetry: The Spanish poet Íñigo López de Mendoza, the Marqués de Santillana, was born on this day in 1388 or 1398, which makes him either 612 or 622 today (happy birthday, sir!).  Santillana was one of the first Spanish poets to try out the new sonnet form and […]

Happy Birthday Penguin!

 In honour of Penguin’s 75th birthday (beware – audio!), I thought it would be fun to look at their lists and see which Spanish books they’ve included over the last 3/4 of a century – or at least, which Spanish books still appear on their electronic catalogues. Interestingly, the results look a lot like the undergraduate syllabus I followed […]

Three Percent: The Subversive Scribe: Translating Latin American Fiction

Here’s the beginning of Jessica LeTourneur’s review of Suzanne Jill Levine’s new book on translating Latin-American fiction, over at Three Percent (click through for the full review): For far too long now, the translator has been relegated to the rear-facing backseat of the literary world; the ever-so-smaller “translated by” name towards the bottom of the title page […]

The ‘best’ holiday reading doesn’t have to be about home: The Times’ best holiday reads 2009 vs El Pais suggestions for 2010

Writing on Wednesday in Papeles Perdidos (Lost Papers, the blog of El Pais’s cultural supplement Babelia), Winston Manrique Sabogal posted a list of ‘holiday reading’ recommendations. I always look forward to these in the UK press over the summer, partly to see if I can spot the connections between recommender and recommendee before Private Eye does, and partly […]

European novellas: short cut to nowhere? | Richard Lea | Books |

Brilliant to see a new, small independent press that publishes translations from smaller literatures getting its props in the national press: Peirene seem to have hit its stride with Maria Barbal’s Catalan classic, Stone in a Landslide. Not that this story of life in the Pyrenees at the beginning of the 20th century is a […]