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In which I send my readers over to Books4Spain to read my review of Maria Duenas’s blockbuster The Seamstress

*brushes cobwebs off blog* Well hello again. Did everybody have a good Easter? Mine involved Scotland, snow, a(nother) massive Kindle binge, and a disappointingly small amount of chocolate. On the other hand I did spend a lot of time reading up about Sugar, Cod and Salt, (yes, I was on a commodities kick), so maybe there’ll be time […]

Un coup de foudre littéraire, or, My First Week With the Kindle

So I’m going to be travelling a lot over the next four months – three or four work trips to Spain and two to the US. And as you know, I love to read. I have a long history of schlepping piles of books across international borders (you have to take a lot because you […]

Mapblogging, or, on the trail of Edwardian lady travellers in Coruña

So I’m in A Coruña for work, I have a free weekend, and I had this great idea: to figure out what the Edwardian lady travellers I’m currently researching saw while they were here in 1908 (Annette Meakin) and 1910 (Catherine Gasquoine Hartley), and to figure out how many of those things are still recognisable today. […]

Revista de Libros: “«Ispanistas y hanglófilos»” by Dolores Payás

We’re all used to dealing in national stereotypes, but what happens when an Englishman turns his lens on himself, only in a foreign language? Revista de Libros has a delicious review of a recent book called El viajero impertinente: Andanzas por España de un excéntrico inglés (The Impertinent Traveller: the Spanish Wanderings of an English Eccentric, 2010) by ‘Percy […]

Turn-of-the-century tourism in Galicia, a lady entrepreneur (entrepreneuse?) and my most expensive book ever

I’ve already confessed my rather expensive obsession with early 20th-century English-language writing on Spain. This summer, one of my projects was to track down a particular, very obscure book by one of the writers I’m researching for my new project. I knew from a scattered range of sources that early in the 20th century, the scholar and […]