About Me

Welcome! I am Associate Professor and Reader in Hispanic Studies at Warwick University in the United Kingdom. I teach and write about the cultural history of Spain from the 19th century to today. I have particular interests in the networks of people, books and ideas emerging out of contact between Spain and other cultures since 1800, in relational approaches to cultural history, and in the use of digital technologies for humanities research. Above all, I specialise in the culture and literature of Galicia,the small Atlantic country located in the north west of the Iberian Peninsula.

My published books include Mondariz, Vigo, Santiago: A Brief History of Galicia’s Edwardian Tourist Boom (Fundación Mondariz Balneario, 2013); Contemporary Galician Cultural Studies: Between the Local and the Global (MLA, 2011; co-edited with Manuel Puga Moruxa); Writing Galicia into the World: New Cartographies, New Poetics (Liverpool UP, 2011); A Stranger in My Own Land: Sofía Casanova (1861-1958), a Spanish Writer in the European fin de siècle (Vanderbilt UP, 2008); Reading Iberia: History, Theory, Identity (Peter Lang, 2007; co-edited with Helena Buffery & Stuart Davis). I’m currently working on a digital history project, Hispanic Liverpool, and writing two books: a co-authored Cultural History of Modern Spanish Literature for Polity Press, and The Edwardians and the Making of a Modern Spanish Obsession, which traces the extraordinary transformation that took place in British knowledge about Spain between the tercentenary of the Spanish Armada in 1888 and the end of World War I.

In November 2011, I was awarded a Philip Leverhulme Prize by the Leverhulme Trust for my research in Spanish and Galician Studies.

Visit my website for more information about my current projects.

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